Mr. Postman Unity Tutorial Series: How to Make a 2D Game

Getting Started

I was getting a lot of requests on my Youtube channel to create a video series explaining how to make a game in Unity from start to finish. Mr. Postman pays tribute to the first game I ever made (except I built my first one in Flash Player 15 years ago) and I rebuilt it in Unity and documented how I did it in the following video series. If you never worked with Unity before I recommend downloading the software and messing around with it before you watch any of my videos since I can move pretty quickly.

Beginners Guide

What You Will Learn

  • Part 1: How to setup the scene, canvases & custom fonts
  • Part 2: Moving the character on the screen
  • Part 3: Deploying objects, box colliders & hit triggers
  • Part 4: Setting up a timer, score & a game over screen
  • Part 5: Building a settings screen to manage mute & saved data
  • Part 6: How to publish for iOS to the App Store
  • Part 7: How to publish for Android to the Google Play Store
  • Part 8: Setting up Unity Ads to monetize the app
  • Part 9: Setting up IAP's (in-app purchases) to remove ads


Download Assets

To download sprites, script files and more for this project, fill out the form below and you will receive a link in your inbox to download the asset package.

Part 1: How to setup the scene, canvases & custom fonts

In this video, we discuss:

  • 1:28 - changing the background color of the camera
  • 1:54 - importing sprites
  • 3:45 - sorting layers
  • 7:00 - setting up a canvas
  • 9:15 - building a HUD (heads up display)
  • 11:50 - adding custom fonts to your project using Google Fonts

View Part 1

Part 2: Moving the character on the screen

In this video, we discuss:

  • 0:22 - create UI buttons for visual "press down" effect
  • 2:20 - creating our movement script
  • 2:55 - setting up variables
  • 3:33 - writing our start function
  • 4:00 - while loop to detect mobile touches on screen
  • 5:37 - writing our RunCharacter function
  • 7:48 - applying script to camera
  • 8:24 - keeping the character on screen
  • 11:10 - flipping the sprite to face the direction it is moving

View Part 2

I am currently working on recording and publishing this series. I will be releasing these videos as I finish them, but make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be notified when new episodes are released.