2D Character AnimationHow To Animate Idle, Running and Jumping Animation States in Unity

Author Waldo
Published September 15, 2019

I explain how to draw, animate and setup transitions for your 2D character in Unity.

Video Walkthrough

  • 0:35 - How to find spritesheets to reference when drawing
  • 1:30 - Using the right art program to use
  • 2:00 - 3 things to know about how to setup your document
  • 3:38 - Using Aseprite to draw my animations
  • 4:11 - Importing my spritesheet into Unity
  • 4:35 - Setting up the files to use multiple sprites in one file
  • 6:20 - Creating an animation clip in Unity
  • 7:18 - Using the Animator panel in Unity to setup parameters
  • 8:00 - Setting the value for Animator parameters in C#
  • 8:45 - Using the Animator panel to setup transitions between animations.

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