Making Video Games A Beginners Guide

1 Start With The Right Software

In the pursuit of following your dreams to make your first video game, it’s important to consider where you want your video game to be played. When I first started making games, I wanted to make mobile games that can be played on your phone. So being an iPhone owner, I did research on how to make games for my iPhone. I purchased an Apple computer and downloaded XCode and taught myself how to make my first game. It wasn’t until 6 months of hard work that I realized that in order to release the same exact game for Android phones, I would need to learn a completely new language and software. That sounded exhausting, but it’s what led me to discover Unity software.

Unity, is an amazing cross platform software for making games of any kind. You simply make the game once and then export it to any platform, console or device of your choice. You may even be surprised to learn that some of the largest indie and mobile games were built with the Unity engine. Since a majority of the content on this website and our channels is focused around Unity, the first step should be to download the software itself.

Download Unity System Requirements

2 Watch Video Tutorials

YouTube is a great resource for learning about basically anything, including how to make games with Unity. There are a lot of great creators on YouTube, but here are a couple of our favorites:

3 Your First Game Should Be Small

The most important thing I can say about creating your first game is to start small. Then take that idea and cut it in half. The most gratifying experience any developer can feel is finishing their first game, but like all developers our first game is usually unknowingly a humungous task. Don’t try and climb a mountain without going over a few hills first. Learn the basics for a few weeks and then try and make a game based off of your newly learned knowledge. The best way to finish your first game is to enter a game jam. is a great resource for finding your first game jam
Find A Game Jam

4 Download our Free Asset Pack

Gameplay should always be your first focus. Make sure your game is fun before you polish it off, then you can worry about artwork, sound and cool effects and transitions. We’ve made your life easy by providing an essentials asset pack that will allow you to make your game faster. Our assets have been curated and illustrated by professional illustrator Tim Webster and are free to use for both personal and commercial projects.

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