Contacting Press Start Questions, Comments & Feedback

Have a question about a particular project or tutorial?

If you have question about a certain tutorial or project that I am working on, it's best to ask that question directly in the comments either on that tutorial page or on Youtube below that video. We have an amazing community that might be able to help you quicker and the answer will be posted publicly for anyone who might have a similar question.

Have a general question about Unity or a project that you are working on?

If the answer to the question can be helpful for others, might I suggest you ask me on Twitter (@morepressstart) where it can be publicly answered for the community to see. If you'd rather ask me privately or you would like to send me an e-mail, consider joining our Fan Club tier on our Patreon account where you will have access to my priority-based e-mail address. I generally respond within 48 hours.

Have a request to make a new video or tutorial?

We generally follow a schedule for our uploads, but we're always looking for new ideas and your feedback provides us with a roadmap when brainstorming new videos. If you'd like to request a tutorial be made, use this form.

Want to help Press Start?

We wouldn't be anywhere without the support of this community. You can help by subscribing to our YouTube channel and whenever a video comes out, please like, comment and share it. This helps our audience grow which helps our ability to teach more people. Additionally you can sign up as a VIP on our Patreon account to help us financially grow this community.

For all other requests, please fill out this form

We will do our best to get back to you as soon we can, but please be patient since our response time can vary. If you need a faster response, please consider one of the options listed above.